Talking to Conservatives

I’m back!!!  After a long summer hiatus I’ve returned with plenty of new stories and ideas for your reading pleasure.  I had hoped to return with a more in depth entry, but this one was too amusing to wait.

I was at a coffee shop today with two conservative acquantences I know through a local coffee shop.  I like challenging my own views once and a while to keep them in check, plus it’s just a fun debate.

Two thing in this conversation stand out as noteworthy.

One was a horrifying/hilarious statement: “I like my moral code, because I don’t have to sit and think about what I’m going to do, I just do it.”…and this guy wants to be a politician.

The second came about during a lengthy discussion on the environment.  After telling me they needed more scientific evidence to believe global warming exists, I asked one of them why they felt they had the right to treat the natural world as assets to be exploited.  He told me that human beings were created to be superior to everything else.  Not that I have anything against anyone’s beliefs, but what happened to his need for scientific evidence?  By the way, that was the same future politician.

I think I found evidence of Canada’s answer to George Bush.

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