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#Dance #Revolution

I was reading an article in the Toronto Star the other day about disability and dancing.  The article was essentially discussing a segregated dance competition for people who use wheelchairs,

While I think this is really awesome, the article also makes another important point, people with disabilities can dance!  While this isn’t news to me, it is to a lot of other people, and it got me thinking about my own ideas of dancing throughout the years.

As a kid going to school dances I was comfortably one of the “pinned to the wall”.  I wasn’t one of the cool kids, and I knew it.  Later I had a first dance with a guy I liked at a summer camp, we didn’t get a chance to dance during the actual dance, so we came back and got the dj to play Bon Jovi’s “Bed of Roses” for us.  It was more like a really long hug than dancing, but it was a really memorable moment in my life.

It wasn’t really until adulthood that I embraced dancing, and probably with the help of a few drinks.  I’ve learned that as long as you’re having a good time, and at least making an effort to dance to the rhythm, people will respect your moves and even dance with you.

While I may not have dance competition level skills, and I certainly don’t have the skills of the girls in this video, but I CAN DANCE (and this is my revolution)

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