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Judge me not by the pants I wear

The other day I was running a simple errand, getting some milk from the grocery store up the street, and decided to stop at a coffee shop to grab a bagel on my way home.  I had been doing homework all day, and was dressed in comfortable clothing for the occasion.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t go out in my sweatpants, but I figured there wouldn’t be much harm for such a quick errand.

I go in to the store, and order my bagel.  I paid the two dollars, and was putting my wallet away when a woman says to me “Here you go.”  I look up and she tries to hand me a twoonie.  At first I thought she had mistaken it for my change, so I told her it wasn’t mine.  Then I realized she was OFFERING me the money!  I was embarrassed, and said “No, Thanks”, even when she asked me if I was sure.

What was interesting to me about this situation was that rather than directing this small assualt on my dignity back at her, I immediately blamed myself, and my trackpants.  I wonder if the same thing would have happened if I had been dressed differently.  What were her thoughts when she offered me that money?  How often do we judge ableness or income based on what someone choose to wear, and where did these internalized views of clothing come from?

1 thought on “Judge me not by the pants I wear”

  1. I see things that way as well. More and more people are judged by what they look like than what they are capable of. I have recently written a blog on Disability Advocates because i believe more people out there need to know how people with disabilities are being treated and looked down on, individuals with a disability are not a liability or dispensible…. We all have our own disabilities disabilities to deal with (no matter how small). People are people, and we all are the same on the inside anyway, so we need to start treating each other with respect and care about one another instead of constantly judging others because we believe we’re better than them.

    I really enjoyed the post, keep up the good work 🙂
    Feel free to visit my blog, http://www.disabilityadvocates.wordpress.com

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