MARXISM 2010: A planet to save a world to win #Toronto

28 to 30 May 2010 | Ryerson Student Centre, 55 Gould Street, Toronto
Register online: <>

CLAYTON THOMAS MULLER joins ANDREA HARDEN and other climate campaigners to discuss the fight for climate justice | KOSTAS KATARAHIAS reports from the frontlines of workers’ resistance in Greece | CAROLYN EGAN and other trade union activists assess the state of the workers’ movement in Canada | VIRGINIA RODINO, US-based socialist and anti-war activist, assesses Obama’s first year in power | JUDITH ORR and SALMAAN KHAN talk about Afghanistan and Pakistan: imperialism’s new fault line | Palestine solidarity activists KHALED MOUAMMAR, DIANA RALPH, TIM MCCASKELL and others speak on the new McCarthyism: Harper’s attack on Palestine solidarity | SEDEF ARAT-KOÇ and GILARY MASSA discuss feminism, secularism and Islam | BENOIT RENAUD and MONIQUE MOISAN, editor, À bâbord !, talk about building a bigger left: lessons from Québec solidaire | ABDI DIRSHE and ALI AWALI discuss the new ‘scramble for Africa’ | MOHAMED HARKAT, SHANAAZ GOKOOL and other civil liberties activists talk about Canada’s ‘war on terror’ – from secret trials to torture | JOHN RIDDELL, co-editor, Socialist Voice, talks about Clara Zetkin and the Communist Women’s International | STEVE CRAIG, member, Cadillac-Fairview 61, joins other labour activists to discuss building solidarity across struggles | JOHN BELL performs excerpts from MARX IN SOHO in a tribute to Howard Zinn

Download the full program (subject to change): <>

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