Real Beauty

I am a Proud Emotional Woman

This rant is brought to you by someone in my life who seems to thin that women are way too emotional and would seem more mature if they could just operated on an even  keel all the time… I’ll pause while you roll on the floor with laughter.  I’m not trying to pick on him, he’s wonderful.  This is more of a broader statement about why some people believe in things like this.

When faced with this statement I asked myself one question. Why is it that men think they know what’s appropriate behaviour for women, or other men, or anyone else?  What if women were able to convince men to be more emotional, call me ideological, but I think there would be more politicians prioritizing people over the money in their wallets. Part of me wonders if the reason the emotions of women can be deemed unprofessional is because acknowledging those emotions might disrupt the status quo, and change the way things are done. Funny how men who declare wars never get described as having an emotional overreaction.

There are few statements I hate more then suggesting someone needs to be given a reason to cry.  Guess what, if someone’s upset, chances are they already have a reason!!!  As far as I know, no one enjoys being upset. There is a difference between being emotional and being irrational.  You can be emotional with a valid point.  You can also be emotional and have a not so valid point.

I am a proud, passionate, successful, emotional women, like many others before and after me. We should be proud of the courage we have to express ourselves, so accept us as we are.  Think of it like a different language, you might not understand it, but it’s still a good idea to listen, and maybe challenge some of these ideas.

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