Disability Movement

Calling Disabled Radicals

Deadline: November 15th

Have You Ever Made A Spectacle Of Yourself. . . On Purpose?!

We are seeking RADICAL Canadian disability rights activists who engage in direct social action that advances the rights of impaired people to live free from oppression. A huge part of disability rights history has been invisiblized by the more socially acceptable, liberal vein of human rights advocacy that is entrenched in modern disability politics. Those of us who are radicals are automatically marginalized by this neoliberal current of disability rights advocacy. Dissent has been criminalized and mass action positioned as a negative social disruption instead of the valid form of people-led democratic intervention that it is. Activism as a whole has been de-radicalized to be more palatable to the people – especially in Western society.


Let’s Make Radical Disability Politics More Visible

Stage Left Production’s DisHistory Project uses the arts to celebrate untold and invisiblized stories of radical disability rights activism within Canada’s social justice history. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of Canada’s Obstacles Report. Unfortunately, 30 years of policy advocacy hasn’t really changed much for the disabled in Canadian society. Most public buildings and bathrooms are still not accessible. The vast majority of people with a disability still live in extreme poverty. As a class of people, we remain objectified and ostracized by a normalizing society that is actively striving to eliminate the sources of our diversity altogether. And so on.


The DisHistory Project celebrates radical activism against oppression that targets impaired people in the form of disablism and all its objectification, ostracization, segregation, assimilation, and elimination tactics. There is, after all, a vast difference between equal under the law and equal in society. The DisHistory Project has two main parts, a live intercultural performance collaboration called High Art: Drugs, Disability & Dastardly Deeds and an on-line engagement portal called High Society: Daring Acts of Defiance by Disabled Radicals. Both will be launched on December 10 across Canada and internationally.


We Invite You To Share Your Daring Acts Of Defiance

High Society: Daring Acts of Defiance by Disabled Radicals is an on-line video portal of radical activism against disablism in Canada. Whether or not the mainstream embraces our activism we can still forge solidarity around it, as an integral part of our continued, collective liberation from disablism, class warfare, medical/ bioethical experimentation, and other forms of oppression we are also up against.


You Have Stories To Tell. We Want To Help Share Them With The World.

For more information, please email HighSociety [at] stage-left [dot] org by November 15, 2011.


Stage Left Productions: http://www.stage–left.org

Canada’s leading contributors to radical Disability Arts

Using the arts to affect personal and social transformation, and to foster social justice.



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