Disability Movement, Writing

You need us

You Need Us

You need us to stay in poverty to hold up your economy

You need us to sustain the industry you’ve built up around us in health care, equipment and psychiatry

You need us to build up your own worth, to keep our heads down and feel shut down so you can feel adequate

You need us to maintain your power, to be seen to be doing something when you’re really doing nothing at all

You need us to fight hard to be everything, so you can tell the rest of us it’s better to be nothing

You need us to lie down so you can stand on top of us

You need us to follow your rules so you can justify their existence

You need us not to realize how much you need us

Women at a mad movement protest
From: http://scm-l3.technorati.com/11/10/25/54849/lives-worth-living-07-press-1.jpg?t=20111025131253

Racialized people with disabilities walking on the road.

From http://www.joyen.net/VOASpecial/soft0627/201106/20110630212747372.jpg

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