Because we’re not (Why I changed the name of my blog)

  • Because too many progressive activists have been called a b-tch for speaking truth.
  • Because that word has been used to silence, to teach women and girls not to make waves.
  • It has also been used against progressives who speak out against the flaws in mainstream movements.
  • Our dignity is not lost in our impairments, gender, sexuality, age, culture or skin colour, but in the oppressive norms and hierarchies our lives are measured against.
  • One word is not nearly as powerful as common struggle.

Comments and suggestions welcome.

1 thought on “Because we’re not (Why I changed the name of my blog)”

  1. I always took the (former) name of your blog as a reclaimed word, like Bitch magazine or Cripchick. I liked the humour and irony in it, using the old sexist expression for a tough female authority figure.

    However… I LOVE the new name!! It’s brilliant. In addition to your blog, it’s a great name for a book or magazine on disability politics and activism. Nicely done!

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