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How Can I Help? Some Ideas #NoBanNoWall

If you’re wondering what to do or how to help

Collect yourself. I found this Nervous Wreck’s Disabled Guide to Stepping Up helpful. You might too.

What does your community need? Ask your local Mosque or Islamic Centre if they need support.

Consider asking your favourite shops if they’ll show their support with window signs.

Write or call your Member of Parliament

How to find your Member of Parliament

  • Please cc Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Liberal Party), Leader of the Official Opposition Rona Ambrose (Conservative Party), Thomas Mulcair (NDP), Elizabeth May (Green Party), Rhéal Fortin (Bloc Québécois).

Here’s a sample letter you can use.

  • Personalized letters are better, or letters from children in your life.

Here’s a sample phone script.

  • Letters are better than using social media. Your MP is obligated to respond to a letter.
  • Writing to the House of Commons doesn’t need a stamp, but if you can afford the stamp, write to their constituency office too – that’s the local office.
  • Focus on writing to your own MP. They pay more attention to their own riding.

Join a Protest or Vigil

Note of Caution: Many protests are coming together very quickly, without the time to organize accessibility. If you plan to go please keep this in mind, dress for winter, and bring a friend.

A list of events planned so far, put together by Women’s March Canada.

If you see racism or Islamophobia, and feel safe calling it out, call it out.

Also, self-care, self-care, self-care.

Have a suggestion for this list? Leave a comment below.

#NoBanNoWall #StrongerTogether

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