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How Can I Help? Some Ideas #NoBanNoWall

If you’re wondering what to do or how to help Collect yourself. I found this Nervous Wreck’s Disabled Guide to Stepping Up helpful. You might too. What does your community need? Ask your local Mosque or Islamic Centre if they need support. Consider asking your favourite shops if they’ll show their support with window signs.… Continue reading How Can I Help? Some Ideas #NoBanNoWall

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Disabled People have better stories to tell

My proposed line-up of disability-themed movies: A group of crip sisters sharing stories of their struggles through the years, and how their crip sisterhood helped them through it. Maybe those crip sisters are on a spaceship, as part of a rebellion. Two young disabled people from divided houses fall in love. In an act of… Continue reading Disabled People have better stories to tell

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Life, death, dignity, and the state

Originally posted at Note: Since this article was originally posted April 13th, the text of Bill C-14 has since been released. It is still in it's preliminary form, and will likely change before it becomes law. The right to choose when and how we die, on its surface, may seem like something the government… Continue reading Life, death, dignity, and the state


Have Cane, Will Strut: Black Disabled Woman

Too good not to share, from SlowWalkersSeeMore

Slow Walkers See More

As a disabled Black woman born with a neuromuscular disability, I’m often asked “what are you?” and “what happened to you?” You know when you “appear” racially-ambiguous folks need to figure out how to categorize while casting a slight side-eye or sometimes smizing out of curiosity.  Tis a funny thing to be straight-faced *giggles* with a not-so-straight gait.

Oh how they wait for the reply with eyes growing wide while dining on lines to describe your biology while scanning the expanse of your anatomy. The need to place you in a category and define who you will be, nothing in their frame of reference culled from mainstream imagery.

Let me tell you…

I’m a wool fedora pulled forward. I’m a calm struggle whose cadence is complicated. Staccato-strutting through life cracked, whole, complete with each clickety-clack of my cane tapping down the street. And my effort and pace solidifies occupancy of space…

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How We Teach Disabled People to Secretly Hate Themselves

This is amazing,and encapsulates so much of what I feel about where I am in life right now. The ongoing struggle to unlearn all we were taught. Any message that tells us we are less valuable humans because of our ability, race, gender, gender identity, or sexuality is an act of violence, even when we… Continue reading How We Teach Disabled People to Secretly Hate Themselves